County Comprehensive Plan TERMINATES the AC Zone in Nanjemoy?

Staff presentation made it appear the AC Zone had been restored to Nanjemoy, but the State DNR review says that it states Nanjemoy will become an RR Zone – Thats Rural Residential – which opens up Nanjemoy to more Housing and even Commercial Development with the AC Zone being terminated. Totally UNSAT !!  Call or Write your Commissioners with concerns, and participate when there are public hearings on this atrocity !

DNR comment…

“It is not clear what each district or overlay equates to in terms of densities. For example, the land use plan includes a “Rural Residential” district which is found in the Nanjemoy area (a place of great concern for DNR) but in that definition (Appendix C), there is a descriptive narrative only. It states that the zone will provide for “low to moderate” densities. It is unclear whether this is 1-5 or 1-10, etc. It might be useful to spell that out more clearly.”