Holly Springs Road

UPDATE – we have been told that this is an inter family transfer, not a commercial Development. The County data still lists it as 57 houses.?//

Holly Hall Woods is a intra-family transfer for siblings. Not a
commercial subdivision


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Holly Hall Woods –  Documents filed with 2012 extension to County.

Holly Hall Woods XRS 11-0022,Section 46M, STAFF REPORT

Holly Hall Woods xrs 11-0022_Aerial

Holly Hall Woods xrs 11-0022_Location

Holly Hall Woods xrs 11-0022_Zoning

Holly Hall, Rev. 1 xpn04-0027_Aerial

Holly Hall, Rev. 1 xpn04-0027_Location

Holly Hall, Rev. 1 xpn04-0027_Zoning

HollyHall-04-27-Aug12-PC Report Beyond 6 Year Extension