Adams Willet Road – Washingtons Discovery – 33 Houses

Another Cluster Scheme to increase the lots;

ref- Just got report of a Preliminary Plan for 33 Houses on Adam Willet Road – if any has more information, please Email us @

AFTER Lots cleared (Did anyone pull the Grading Permits?)


BEFORE Lots Cleared

August 8 Planning Commission Presentation Washingtons Discovery in Nanjemoy

UPDATE – BOA Appeal Hearing June 27th, 2017 –

Nanjemoy Dot Net has Broken Down the Videos for Citizens. Credits to the BOA (Board Of Appeals) for following the actual RULES of exercising their powers. We Should All Be Proud !

First Witness, Mr. Morehead

Second Witness, Mala Tominac

Third Witness, Linda Redding

Fourth and Final Witness, Mr. Hastings

Short Take – // Ken Hastings Speaks with more than words.. /