Remove the AMI Smart Meter from your Property.

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Remove Smart Meter - Return our Analog Meter

SMECO has been less than honorable on the installation of AMI so called Smart Meters. They first allowed an OPT OUT, which did not require giving up your Analog Meter, NOW they claim no analog meters will be allowed, meaning you can no longer monitor your electricity usage. SMECO claims they are safe enough - that is under debate. SMECO claims they are secure and encrypted - This is simply NOT TRUE. Search youtube - Hacking Smart Meters.

Please Sign this Petition is you agree, and if you would like to join a class action appeal, Email to


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to demand SMECO remove the AMI “smart meter” from your home, and return your Analog Meter. We will petition the PSC Public Service Commission for relief and appeal in the coming weeks. If any citizen would like to join in on this appeal, simply email us @