Smart Meters – Case Law – its ON !

We were gonna lay low, let it happen, but when SMECO came for our Analog,  now they have woke up the Blind Squirrels. — ALL  Smart Meters OUT of Nanjemoy for those that want them removed. Phase 2.


This is to acknowledge that your recent filing with the Maryland Public Service Commission (“PSC”) Office of External Relations that was received on May 11, 2018 and assigned to me. The complaint number is 518338363. My direct contact information is, and my telephone number is (410)767-8135.

The filing has been forwarded to the Company for investigation and response. During the course of the investigation, you may be contacted by a Company representative. Should this happen, we ask that you cooperate with the representative and provide any additional information requested at that time. It has been found, in some cases, that the Company is able to resolve a dispute with minimal intervention by this Office.

Remove the AMI Smart Meter from your Property.

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Remove Smart Meter - Return our Analog Meter

SMECO has been less than honorable on the installation of AMI so called Smart Meters. They first allowed an OPT OUT, which did not require giving up your Analog Meter, NOW they claim no analog meters will be allowed, meaning you can no longer monitor your electricity usage. SMECO claims they are safe enough - that is under debate. SMECO claims they are secure and encrypted - This is simply NOT TRUE. Search youtube - Hacking Smart Meters.

Please Sign this Petition is you agree, and if you would like to join a class action appeal, Email to


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to demand SMECO remove the AMI “smart meter” from your home, and return your Analog Meter. We will petition the PSC Public Service Commission for relief and appeal in the coming weeks. If any citizen would like to join in on this appeal, simply email us @

What Have We Here? Cam on Taloes Neck?

UPDATE FEB. 15 – SMECO now says they made a mistake and claim it is Their gear for Standard Testing?/


UPDATE – SMECO responds –  It was unauthorized gear –  we have requested to do forensics on the package.


Dear Mr. k,

Thank you for reaching out to SMECO regarding the equipment on the pole at Tayloes Neck Rd. Our crews were dispatched yesterday evening and the box you reported was not authorized to be on the pole and has been removed.

If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to reply to this e-mail or contact a SMECO Customer Care Representative at 888-440-3311.

Sr Customer Care Representative



We tracked the so called weather cam installation two years ago – but this appears to be a covert installation.. (not so convert if in Nanjemoy)-

We are inquiring to the Charles County Commissioners and CCSO if this is County Tech on a County Road.

PEAKEnet update from Nick January 8

“Hi everyone! I just wanted to send a quick note because over the weekend we passed 250 customer requests! We are working 6 days a week for the rest of the month to prep for a tower climb in Nanjemoy and connecting our neighbors in that community on the 31st! Thanks for your support and encouragement.”


Washington’s Discovery Major Sub Division Appeal – June 27

Nanjemoy Dot Net has Broken Down the Videos for Citizens. Credits to the BOA (Board Of Appeals) for following the actual RULES of exercising their powers. We Should All Be Proud !

First Witness, Mr. Morehead

Second Witness, Mala Tominac

Third Witness, Linda Redding

Fourth and Final Witness, Mr. Hastings

Short Take – //  Ken Hastings Speaks with more than words.. /



Reference —  Last August Staff “recommends” Approval.

Adams Willet Road – Washingtons Discovery – 33 Houses