Flashback – November 2012, Goodbye AC Zone

Planning Commission members Richard and Grasso argue to terminate the AC Zone – Now being promoted by County Staff in the Comp Plan. Participate in the public hearings at the Planning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners this Winter and Spring. Time to take action to reverse this influence to build Major Subdivisions in the Agricultural Conservation Zone.


FlashFORWARD to 2014;

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County seeks Citizen input on Broadband expansion needs

County Seeks Community Input on
Cable-related Needs 


Comcast is seeking renewal of its current 15 year cable television franchise, which expires in 2017. Charles County Government is seeking input from residents, businesses, nonprofits and educators in order to assess  the “cable television related needs and interests” of the community.


Charles County Government is conducting a comprehensive needs assessment. This assessment will be facilitated through public meetings and mailed surveys. The county encourages citizens who live and work in Charles County and have a perspective on cable television to participate in this need assessment. You do not need to be a current subscriber to participate.


Community involvement in this assessment will allow the county to better represent your needs and interests to Comcast. Periodic updates on the needs assessment process will be available at www.CharlesCountyMD.govwww.Facebook.com/CharlesCounty, and Twitter.com/CharlesCoMD .


For more information, contact Mary Goddard at 301-396-5837 or email. Citizens with special needs may contact the Maryland Relay Service at 711, or Relay Service TDD: 800-735-2258.

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Surveillance rig in Nanjemoy?

Located @ Riverside Road (224)  and Chicamuxen (344).  It says it is a weather station, with a CCTV Camera? – Any Info would be appreciated. Post to tips@nanjemoy.net.


Don't film me bro

We object to the 24 hr survielance camera at the corner of Riverside/224 and Chicamuxen/344.

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Comp Plan Terminates the AC Zone in Nanjemoy & All of Charles County!

Watch as the County Staff explains why they “feel” that we don’t need an Agriculture Conservation Zone.

Watch the ENTIRE Planning Commission meeting on the Comp Plan Updates –

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Charles County Annual 2014 Report

We are still waiting for the CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report)

Annual Report





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BGI Tier Map on Comp Plan.

2012 – County presents its report on the BGI Tier Map

2012 – Grasso and Richard lay out the case to adopt the BGI Tier Map, including terminating the AC Zone.

The Vote ~

2014 – Flash Forward – Staff terminates the AC Zone, and discusses the Tier Map Final.

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